Sabai Thai Restaurant

A beautiful website for local beloved restaurant

What We Achieved

What We Achieved

Saved in site mgmt fees
CMS listings managed
New Google Reviews

Services Performed

Web Design
Web Development
SEO Fundamentals
Local Business Listing Optimization

The Challenge

In today’s world, it is vital for a restaurant to establish an effective online presence. Sabai Thai Restaurant already had a website and a few social media accounts in place. However the restaurant was lacking in that those Internet entities are not bringing the customers and sales they had hoped for. Their website and their social media was not utilizing every online marketing opportunity  to thrive in business.

Sabai Thai owner, Jau, approached Walden Studio with the idea of revamping the restaurant website with two main concerns in mind:

  1. They couldn't update the menu item listings on their site on their own.
  2. When they requested updates from their developer, there was a 2-3 week wait and they were billed absurd amounts of money.

What We Created

What We Created

We launched Sabai Thai Restaurant new website to provide customers, staff and others with a more intuitive and user-friendly experience that clearly states who they are, what they stand for, and showcase our award-winning menu to their customers. The website features a refreshed look, improved navigation and a handful of features which will make the overall experience more impactful on desktop, mobile and tablet. We’ve also launched a new Blog Section where the staff will be publishing regular content on the topics that we’re passionate about—including news, events, and stories from our clients, and more. For our takeout and reservation, their customers can now quickly tap on the call button in the middle of the website to call the restaurant right away.

Last but not least, the new website needed to utilize Webflow's Editor function to give the Sabai Thai team the ability to:

  1. Add/update/remove menu items quickly.
  2. Feature certain Special Dishes on the homepage.
  3. Filter Food categories to make it easy to find.
  4. Do it all from one simple dashboard.



Walden Design has done wonders for our restaurant website. They also took amazing photos of our food to feature on the website that they made modern, beautiful, and best of all, increased the number of customers coming through our doors. I look forward to working with Ewan again, he has been very professional, knowledgable and fast in communication.

Jau Sekhon


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